About Us


Organizers – Scott Tittle (Top Left), Drew Wolfe (Top Right), Jim Borton (Bottom Left), Mark and Kayla Roche (Bottom Right)

The organizers of Southern Surfest are your typical weekend warriors that share a deep enthusiasm for the growing sport of wakesurfing. Our backgrounds are diverse, both in & out of the water, and we hope you find that as a plus. We each enjoy our own brand of boat(s) and board(s) and we’re hoping to experience and share a great variety of both.

We do have quite a bit in common. We frighten people who think our boats loaded with ballast are about to sink. We amaze others with the skills our kids show off behind the boat. We enjoy the looks of wonderment from the passing pontoon about how wakesurfing is done without a rope.
We have all been hooked on the sport for several years and experienced everything from the joy of throwing the rope the first time ourselves, teaching young children and grandparents how to surf, attending wakesurf competitions across the country and simply enjoying the friendship of others that share in our passion.

We debate boats, boards, setups, technique and relish in our accomplishments while laughing at our failures. We have put this event together to do the same with you.