Details and FAQ


Date: 2018 Dates TBD!

Location: Laurel Park, Lake Lanier

Fees: There is a fee of $300 per participant which includes rides on the wakesurf boats, numerous boards to ride,  lunch both days, Saturday night dinner and water and snacks. The fee covers boat gas, food and other costs to hold the non-profit event.  We will also have pro riders who will be rotating boats to provide rider tips and pointers to help us all improve in our surfing as well, this is included in the event fee as well.

Friday Pro Clinic Day: Friday is pro clinic day. You participate in pro clinics without participating in the main event or you can do both. Email to reserve your slot.

Saturday: Saturday is a surfing day with the first session beginning at 8:30AM. Surfing will end at 5 PM immediately followed by dinner with a special industry event during our evening time.

Sunday: Starts at 8:00 AM with Wake Church, first session will begin at 9:00 AM and surfing will end at 3:00 PM to close the event.

Lodging: We have a Surfest lake house rental that is available to rent a room or a cot/air mattress.  There are other options near the venue.  Contact us to make a reservation for the lake house or if interested in alternative lodging options or need further assistance we are happy to help.

FAQ and Rules:
  • There will be 4 riders per boat with each wakesurfer getting 15 minute ride time and the rider can select one or more boards for their time allotment. When all riders in a boat have completed their session, then the entire group changes over to a different boat. Then repeat.
  • All skill levels are welcome with a minimum ability to do clean starts. Minimum age is 10. Riders need to have good endurance because physical exertion of numerous rides (and wipeouts) over 2 day period is sizable. Goofy and regular riders can participate
  • A person cannot ride-along in a boat unless they have registered and paid. If you are not registered or confirmed in some way to drive or help, you can’t be in a boat. As event organizers we’d love for some folks in each boat but its not possible. You can go surf another part of the lake or hang out at Little Hall Park. Sorry but there is limited space in each boat and for the registered participants only. Each boat may have a “helper” at the discretion of boat driver or event organizers.All riders will be required to fill out information on their skill, weight, etc. plus a waiver form.
  • All riders agree to behave in friendly and cordial way with other people in the event and abide these requirements plus obey all laws. Care and safety should be exercised at all times. Any person deemed in violation may be removed from the event by the event organizer. We seek to be mindful of other folks property/boats and thus encourage consideration by all. Thanks thanks for your cooperation.
  • All riders will be required to fill in a comprehensive feedback form for every boat and board they experience. This is what makes this event work. We call this a review by proxy. Many other riders will be watching online and find out what you think.
  • You must be able to surf 10 sessions for 15 minutes each over 2 days. It is a lot of surfing for most people so be ready
    Alcohol consumption is not permitted at Laurel Park and is discouraged in the boats
  • Riders will be grouped with similar riders and open to meet new people and have a good time. Its lots of fun to hang out with folks that share wakesurf passion. You can’t help it, when you are in a boat with the same people for so long.
  • You must be able to attend and participate both days and surf until Sunday at 3pm.
  • You may bring one board to use shortly on each new boat, but you must ride as many of the other boards to provide feedback.
  • Participants are welcomed to come solo as you will meet several new surf friends.
  • More fun details to come!